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In the form below, please fill in the details and selections for each person in your party in turn, using "Add Registrant" for more, then choose Checkout when you're finished.

Every Convention registration includes (for one person):

  • ID badge and admittance to:
    • museum
    • Show field (parking requires separate show-car pass)
    • meetings/sessions
    • vendor exhibits
    • parts swap area
  • Official event logo items:
    • t-shirt
    • collector’s lapel pin
    • commemorative sticker
    • special-edition program
    • Ballot for People’s Choice competition (voting is online)
    • Swag bag of assorted free stuff

New this year: people and cars are charged separately.  If you wish to show a car, you must add that item to your registration, for each driver.  (If you will have more cars than people, please contact us.)

Every Show Car includes (for one car):

  • Rally plate with number
  • Dash card
  • Parking in a designated area of the show field (parking lot)

Cars to show require advance registration.  Please tell us the year, model, body style, and color of the car you plan to show, and select People's Choice or Concours, so we can pre-print dash cards and plan the parking lot.  If your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible.

Official meals, the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday dinners, are optional add-ons per person.  Lunch will be available for purchase on-site, with one or more food trucks at the museum.

On-site sales of extra items are subject to availability.  All registrations are limited in number, as is parking space on the show field: sales may close about two weeks before the event or when we sell out, whichever comes first.

All prices include tax and service charges, where applicable.

Members only (or join instantly today)
The Saab Owners’ Convention is a private function of the Saab Club of North America, Inc, a non-profit corporation, open only to Club members and their guests. Each transaction must include one Club member, but can cover registrations for several people. We want to welcome everyone who wishes to attend, so if you are not currently a member and have not purchased a new or renewal membership prior to this, you can join in this same transaction. SCNA reserves the right to refuse membership in the club or to refuse attendance at its national convention to any person as might be necessary to preserve order and decorum, to promote the interests of the club, or for any other reason, except as may be prohibited by law.

Advance Registration

Registration in advance is preferred.  The on-site price is higher.  Register today!

Cancellation - if we cancel

If we must cancel or postpone the Convention, we will refund your registration in full.  If you are unable to travel to the Convention due to mandatory restrictions we will also refund your registration in full, but you must notify us before Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

The convention will proceed as planned unless circumstances beyond our control dictate a postponement or cancellation; for example, if quarantines or travel restrictions are imposed which make the convention impossible to operate; or if responsible medical authorities advise voluntary restrictions on travel or social gatherings in the area of the convention; or if it appears to the SCNA Board that holding the convention as scheduled might present an unwarranted risk to human health.

We will make every effort to contact SOC attendees if the status of the convention changes, but to be safe please check saabclub.com periodically for any status updates, advisories, or warnings.  Also check South Dakota State travel guidelines.

Cancellation - If you cancel

  • January 1, 2022 through May 31, 2022: Refund requests will be subject to a $5.00 processing fee.
  • June 1, 2022 through July 1, 2022: Refund requests will be subject to a 25% processing fee.
  • After July 1, 2022: Sorry, no refunds will be issued. We will consider hardship requests case-by-case.

You may transfer your registration to another person at no cost up until July 1, 2022 by 3:00 p.m. EDT upon formal approval from the event committee. All refund requests are subject to seven business days for review and may take up to ten business days to process. Please contact us for any cancellation and transfer requests.  Optional, additional donations to the Museum are not refundable.

HOTEL ROOM CANCELLATION: Hotel accommodations, if any, are not included in your Convention registration. Cancellation of your SOC registration is not related to any hotel accommodations you may have made. SCNA has no control over the hotel cancellation policy nor is SCNA able to negotiate specific reservation terms/cancellation requests on your behalf, so please ensure you communicate directly with the hotel .

Other questions?  Please read the FAQ or contact us.

  • Includes: Attendance all days for one person at all Convention events, all items except meals and car-show items, which are sold separately. Price is for ADVANCE registration only.

  • If you happen to know your SCNA member number, please enter it in the box that will appear below. Otherwise just leave it blank.

  • Check this if you are a member of the Saab Club of Canada.

  • Sponsors, please check this option.

Are you interested in volunteering at SOC? We will contact you with details.

Are you showing a car?

  • Showing a car

    Showing a car

    To enter either People's Choice or Concours d'Saab competitions, and to park your car in the designated area of the show field, you must purchase this item. You will get a rally plate and a dash card to display on your car during the voting. So we can assign your car to the right category, please fill in the year, model, body style, and color below.
    Choose this option for each driver, but not for passengers.
    Separate, free parking will be available for non-show cars, trailers, etc.

If each person in your party will be attending the Convention, select their meals when entering their details, up to one of each meal per person on that page of this form.  If you plan to bring a guest to dinner who is not attending the Convention proper, you may select more than one: all the tickets will be in your registration packet.


  • Thursday Sponsor Appreciation Dinner

    Thursday Sponsor Appreciation Dinner

    At Sturgis Brewing Co.

    $59.00 ea.

  • Friday Welcome Dinner

    Friday Welcome Dinner

    At The Lodge at Deadwood.

    $59.00 ea.

  • Saturday Awards Banquet

    Saturday Awards Banquet

    At The Lodge at Deadwood.

    $59.00 ea.

Official Merchandise

  • SOC 2022 t-shirt

    SOC 2022 t-shirt

    One t-shirt is included in your Convention registration. Use this option to buy extra t-shirts, if you wish. Prices shown have $3 advance-purchase discount applied.

  • SCNA t-shirt

    SCNA t-shirt

    T-shirt with SCNA club logo on front. Back says "Preserving the Spirit of SAAB", white on grey.

  • Hat


    SCNA logo Hat.

    $15.00 ea. [37 remaining]

Your Convention registration includes, for each person, a $20 Museum attendance fee, to cover both days.  If you wish, you may make any additional donation to the Museum here.

Suggested Amounts

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